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Binance tradingbot – Trade altcoins on Binance exchange!

Any other bot we have reviewed so far requires that you have a lot of specialist knowledge in terms of trading and technical indicators. You then have to further combine this knowledge in order to arrive at a well-functioning trade strategy. Something that takes a lot of time to test and tweak and is not something you would expect with a bot.


This cryptocurrency tradingbot would like to make algorithmic trading available for everyone and not only for the big boys, but at the same time: keep the bot very user friendly and easy to set up and maintain.

This is all taken care of at GSMG, almost completely “Plug’n’Play” and completely web based. So it always runs, you do not have to do anything else yourself. You choose the markets you want to trade and then turn on the bot!

To begin with, you need a NEW account on Binance (or Bittrex).

In addition, you only have to fill in your Binance API and have your Binance account details. Compared to many other bots, this altcoin bot is quite simple to learn.

This cryptocurrency tradingbot is FREE. There are no costs in advance and you only pay commission on your profit! The owners of the bot are therefore also motivated to let the bot trade as well as possible, otherwise they themselves do not gain anything, because everythings is on a profit commission basis.

With our link you can use the bot TWO months for free!

Make sure you use the links below when registering to get the FREE months!


GSMG tradingbot

You can find the entire GSMG Help Center here:

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