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Kryptomon: Where Pokémon Meets Tamagotchi and Cryptokitties

The Metaverse, GameFi and play-to-earn games are all the rage. Games like Axie Infinity have skyrocketed last year in both player count (almost 2 million!) and share price (almost 15,000% over the past 12 months!).

Cryptogames are popular and that is of course not without reason. Especially considering the size of the global game industry and the sheer amount of gamers. The future for these blockchain games, also known as GameFi, seems promising.

The number of new blockchain games is increasing at a rapid pace. One of the new GameFi games is Kryptomon, a game where the nostalgic qualities of Pokémon and Tamagotchi have been merged into a new play-to-earn ecosystem.

What is kryptomon?

Kryptomon is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) GameFi, web browser based blockchain game. The game and the creatures are based on Pokémon, Tamagotchi and Cryptokitties. Kryptomon was founded by a team with years of experience in the blockchain world, all with a passion for games and especially Pokémon. In addition, the co-founder is Dutch.

The choice for the Binance Smart Chain platform was made consciously because of the significantly lower transaction costs on this network. This makes Kryptomon more accessible to the general public.

In addition, the world of Kryptomon is also a metaverse, in which trainers can later in 2022, for example, perform special assignments and fight against other trainers or participate in a tournament. We are also currently working hard on a mobile app that can be used to play Kryptomon.

How does Kryptomon work?

Kryptomon combines the cute, nurturing qualities of Tamagotchi with the combative nature of Pokémon. This means that the Kryptomons must be carefully cared for and can be fought with as well. These battles can take place against other Kryptomon trainers or against computer-controlled AI trainers.

Taking care of your Kryptomon is an important part of the game. Because every Kryptomon has different likes and dislikes, every Kryptomon must be cared for with great care. Kryptomons can also develop certain traits by training them, but they can also get sick or go hungry. They are basically living NFTs. Take good care of your Kryptomon! As a player, you can collect Kryptomon NFTs in the form of Eggs, or Kryptomons themselves. Because the creatures are NFT items and consist of a unique DNA, each Kryptomon is unique.

Kryptomon DNA

The unique properties of a kryptomon are determined on the basis of a unique DNA, for which 38 different genes are used. The genetic code, which is recorded as NFT, ensures that each Kryptomon is distinct from the rest.

In fact, a Kryptomon’s genetic code determines everything. Think of the appearance of the creature, the type of element and combat properties. Kryptomons have 8 different types of elements: fire, water, ice, ground, air, electric, ghost and grass.

How rare is my Kryptomon?

So every Kryptomon is unique. This is because of the unique genetic DNA and the NFT technology behind it. However, it can vary how rare a Kryptomon is. For example, there are 5 rankings in rarity of a Kryptomon: Common, Unique, Rare, Super and Pure.

What makes Kryptomon different from the rest?

Besides Kryptomon, there are of course many more play-to-earn games and NFT creatures derived from the well-known Pokémons. So what makes Kryptomon different and special?

The difference lies in the fact that Kryptomon goes one step further. For example, where other Pokémon-based NFTs only focus on collecting items, Kryptomon also cares for the creatures. The better the Kryptomons are cared for, the stronger they will be in battle.

Conversely, if a Kryptomon is not cared for, it can freeze and cannot be used in combat. If this is the case, you can bring a Kryptomon back to life with a special ‘Unfreezing Potion’, which is available in the marketplace.

In the Kryptomon metaverse you are not just a collector, but a real trainer who can compete against other trainers and participate in various tournaments where you can win nice prizes.

Kryptomon marketplace and token KMON

Kryptomon also has a marketplace. This is where Kryptomon’s token, KMON, comes in handy. In this marketplace you can, for example, purchase eggs, but also supplies for your Kryptomons such as food, toys and medical items.

In addition, you can stake KMON tokens, giving you a chance to win lottery tickets and loot boxes. KMON tokens are also used in combat and for breeding Kryptomons (breeding). In addition, 95% of all KMON tokens spent in the game are paid back to the players.

Where do you buy KMON tokens?

The Kryptomon token KMON is currently available for purchase through PancakeSwap and Don’t have an account on yet? Create a account quickly and easily here.

How do you get Kryptomon NFTs and Kryptomon eggs?

Kryptomon eggs are available for purchase on various marketplaces, easily accessible via <a href=””></a>. Purchasing a Kryptomon NFT or Kryptomon egg is done with a hot wallet, for example MetaMask and is mainly paid with the Binance Coin (BNB).

Kryptomons and Kryptomon eggs may be a little too expensive right now to start playing with. Fortunately, there are other ways to get your first Kryptomon NFT. Namely through special airdrops, lotteries and whitelists for NFT mystery boxes!

Previous success Kryptomon mystery box NFT sale

An earlier mystery box sale of Kryptomon in collaboration with Binance NFT turned out to be a great success. During this sale, all 2000 available mystery boxes were sold out within one second.

The mystery boxes each contained one Kryptomon egg and sold for 95 BUSD, while the bottom price at that time was around 325 BUSD per egg. In fact, the rarest egg from these mystery boxes sold for 72.45 BNB, roughly $50,000 at the time.

Affectionately referred to in the community as Kryptomon’s “Walk-To-Earn” mechanism, the company has also launched its Full Moon Treasure Hunt event. From December 19, 2021, players around the world will be able to use their mobile phones and track down Kryptomon loot boxes and eggs in a style reminiscent of the popular Pokemon Go. Merging the metaverse with the physical world, the Full Moon Treasure Hunt event has already mobilized thousands of players as they attempt to find “mystery boxes.” A lucky player can even find the rarest prize of them all, a Generation 0 Kryptomon egg, of which only 100 exist. Considering that the last Generation 0 egg sold in secondary markets for over $25,000, that’s not bad for a short walk through your local park! A healthy walk AND $25,000 richer!

Our expectations for Kryptomon

Interest in the Kryptomon NFT creatures and eggs is high, as evidenced by the success of the Binance mystery box sale and the community of no less than 250,000 members. In addition, there are currently 8,000 Kryptomon NFTs live on the blockchain.

GameFi and play-to-earn games are expected to have a great future ahead of them. The global game industry is huge, consisting of about 3 billion gamers worldwide. The potential for crypto games is therefore enormous. In addition, play-to-earn makes it possible to earn money from games, allowing gamers to really make a living from gaming, as was the case with Axie Infinity, for example.

Whether this will also be the case for Kryptomon remains to be seen. We do know that the team has a lot of experience and a real passion for both Pokémon and Tamagotchi. In addition, there is a lot of interest from the market in Kryptomon. When the development of the game goes as expected, the chance of success is certainly present.