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SafeSwap – Your safe DEX!

SafeSwap is an online DeFi platform on which you can swap different cryptocurrencies. In addition, via SafeSwap it is possible to strike and buy crypto with fiat in the form of euros, for example via iDeal/SEPA.

While the crypto world is sometimes seen as the Wild West, the team behind SafeSwap is strongly convinced of the importance of privacy and security for users. With the SafeSwap platform, the team has developed an accessible and simple swapping protocol in which the protection and safety of the users are paramount.

What is SafeSwap – SWAP?

SafeSwap is a decentralized trading protocol, also known as decentralized exchange (DEX), built on the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC). In addition, the SafeSwap protocol is also active on the Polygon (formerly Matic) network.

The SafeSwap user experience can be described as easy, safe and efficient. Users on SafeSwap can trade, stake and provide liquidity to cryptocurrencies without delay in the available Safe Vaults.

The team behind SafeSwap

SafeSwap was founded by MUXE BV, a Dutch company that has been active in the blockchain world since the beginning of 2018 and has experience with the development of various blockchain based products.

The team behind SafeSwap has a strong belief in the importance of online privacy and freedom. In addition, the team is also aware of the need to give back, especially in the ecological field. For example, SafeSwap supports several environmentally friendly projects, including planting trees in collaboration with Ecolog

What is possible with SafeSwap?

Currently, the features below are available through the SafeSwap platform:
– SafeSwap Online DEX
– SafeSwap Staking
– Safe Vaults

SafeSwap Online Dex – Fiat gateway

SafeSwap’s decentralized trading platform operates on Pancake Swap V2’s factory smart contracts. In this way, tokens are traded quickly and securely, without annoying delays.

SafeSwap Crypto kopen met iDeal

SafeSwap staking

Staking, the locking of tokens for a certain period of time in exchange for an interest rate, is also possible via SafeSwap. Users can stake their SWAP tokens in various staking pools to earn additional SWAP tokens. 30% of the total supply is reserved for the staking rewards, which equates to 300,000 SWAP tokens. These 300,000 SWAP tokens are locked in for a period of 3650 days, which is almost 10 years.

In addition to staking SWAP tokens, it is possible to stake tokens from other projects via SafeSwap</a> staking in exchange for the same tokens or SWAP tokens. The range of staking pools offered by other projects on the SafeSwap platform may differ, depending on the interest in these staking pools.

These staking pools for other projects are provided free of charge from SafeSwap for a standard period of 30 or 60 days. This initiative from SafeSwap again stems from the belief in an accessible and simple DeFi platform, for both users and projects that want to be active on the platform. If the staking pool is successful, the project qualifies for a longer term.

SafeEarn - SafeSwap staking

SafeSwap Safe Vault

SafeSwap offers additional rewards for providing liquidity to the Safe Vaults. For example, users can receive an additional annual interest rate on the provision of liquidity to the Safe Vaults. These interest rates for liquidity provision are higher than the interest rates you receive after discontinuing SWAP tokens.

No extra fees with SafeSwap

SafeSwap uses the PCS2 protocol, which means it does not charge extra when swapping cryptocurrencies. A small percentage of fees is charged on the staking function and the provision of liquidity to the SWAP Liquidity Pools.

Which wallets are linked to SafeSwap?

To be able to use the SafeSwap platform, it is necessary to link an online wallet. The wallets below are currently supported by SafeSwap:

  • Metamask
  • Trustwallet
  • Mathwallet
  • TokenPocket
  • Walletconnect
  • Binance Chain wallet
  • SafePal

Buy the SWAP token

The token of SafeSwap, SWAP, is of course for sale via the SafeSwap DEX. The total supply of the SWAP token is set at 1,000,000 tokens. No pre-sale or private sale has taken place prior to the launch of the SWAP token. In addition, the SafeSwap token is available on the Binance Smart Chain via PancakeSwap and soon via other blockchains.

Developments around SafeSwap

With the goal of creating a secure trading environment for blockchain assets, the SafeSwap team has big plans for the future. For example, the SafeSwap DEX will not only remain focused on trading cryptocurrencies, but trading and managing NFTs will also play a major role in this. Buying and selling NFTs is possible via SafeSwap’s NFT marketplace.

In addition, SafeSwap aims to support multiple blockchain networks in the future. In this way, users can switch flexibly between the different networks, for example to earn the highest interest rates and take advantage of a wider range of tradable tokens.

Safe NFT collection

Another SafeSwap development that we are eagerly awaiting is the Safe NFT collection. This NFT collection will consist of a collection of unique artistic items from different segmented categories. In addition, these NFTs will have different use cases and generate passive income.

Of all minted, bought or sold NFTs in the Safe NFT collection, 12.5% ​​returns to the Safe NFT reward pool, which is distributed among the Safe NFT holders. In addition, 10% of the total number of SWAP tokens will be allocated to this reward pool. In this way, as a Safe NFT holder, you can generate passive income from the reward pool.

Our expectations of SafeSwap

Unfortunately, the number of scams and scams in the crypto world is still larger than hoped. There is therefore a strong demand from the market for a safe trading environment. However, on the other hand, freedom is also very important.

Where it can be difficult for new crypto projects to obtain a place on a large exchange, SafeSwap believes in accessible access requirements. In this way, new, promising projects also get a chance while SafeSwap guarantees security for users.

Currently, the SafeSwap platform consists of well-functioning functionalities and looks promising. When multiple pairings are added to the DEX and the team continues to develop, the potential of SafeSwap is great!

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