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Tradesanta Bot – Automatically trade crypto @ Binance (100% FREE)

Tradesanta is a cloud software bot trading platform that will let users trade automatically in crypto. The platform can be seen as a ‘Bot as a Service’ (BaaS) system. The platform automates simple strategies that have worked for years and years. Tradesanta is currently 100% free and will be for coming months.

    • In order for this bot to work (safely) you need to make a NEW Binance account!
    • Do NOT make a new account yourself but use above link in order to let this bot work Freely.
Profit with tradesanta
Coinbaas has tested this bot for last three weeks. Results are shown in above image

Tradesanta Algorithm

According to information published on their website, the Santa crypto trading bot automates crypto trading and enables users to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Long and short trading strategies at the same time on all pairs @ Binance!
  • Order are adjusted real time to insure take profit.
  • Unlimited number of bots and trading pairs.
  • Bot works on 15-minutes Bollinger Bands.

What Does Tradesanta Cost?

This bot is currently 100% free, as the community keeps growing bigger and bigger. The platform is still seeking feedback to help it develop the most intelligent and user-friendly bots for both beginners and experienced traders. Almost daily the bot platform has new upgrades!

The subscription pricing will be set beginning January 1, 2019

Tradesanta Automated Crypto Trading Software

Features of this Crypto Trading Bot:

1. Safety:

Tradesanta comes with API keys that only allow the bot to trade. The platform cannot withdraw your funds. You are in control over your assets.

2. Simplicity:

Setting up the bot is very simple, as it takes only ten minutes or so. Within that short period, users can configure their trading parameters and automate their strategy. Trade Santa comes with tutorials that guide users through the entire process of setup.

3. Reliability:

Users can always rely on the bot to execute their trading strategy they have setup. As user you can choose a trading pair and set profit targets.

4. Telegram notifications:

After setup users can choice to get notifications on Telegram. So you always will be up-to-date about your bot and the market!

5. Updates:

Bot is getting more features and options each week!

Tradesanta Conclusion

Tradesanta must be one of the easiest cryptocurrency bots to setup and maintain. While we have made nice profits in Bitcoin last couple of weeks, we are looking forward to continue using this bot.

In underneath picture are our bots and trading pair settings listed. Beware that we are actively changing the settings of those bots. You could get different results!

    • In order for this bot to work (safely) you need to make a NEW Binance account!


We have made nice profits last three weeks with this very easy to use bot. We STRONGLY advise the following:

  • Make a NEW Binance account for this bot!
    • Never let software from a third party take control over all of your funds! Diversify your funds!
  • While trading automatically can have its benefits, it has some downsides too.
    • Many experts caution against complete reliance on automation.
    • Bots cannot react to recently released news.


Free Binance Bot + settings

Profit with tradesanta

Supported exchanges: Poloniex, Bitfinex, BinanceKuCoinBittrex & HitBtc


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